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Mini Golf 2U Wedding Entertainment

If you are looking to hire a new way of entertainment for your wedding, then our Mini Golf 2U courses are the perfect option.

We offer competitive prices for courses up to 18 holes to suit all budgets

Wedding Hire Mini Golf 2U Courses

Our Mini Golf 2U courses are perfect to hire for wedding receptions, evening entertainment, wedding breakfast or any other moment of your wedding day. If you like playing golf or you are planning a golf themed wedding, then our wedding packages are perfect for you. Our packages include the hire of up to 18 holes of Mini Golf 2U courses which can be laid outdoors or indoors.

A hassle free hire for crazy golf courses means that we will liaise with your wedding organisers and decide on the suitable time to set up the mini golf courses and answer all the questions that the venue might have. It is entirely up to you if you decide to play the crazy golf game outdoors or indoors, our Mini Golf 2U courses are can be laid on various materials and surfaces such as:

Concrete          Wood               Stone               Grass